S.S. Juice Box

Many parents in poor countries don’t have enough money to buy new toys for their kids. So kids use their imaginations and make their own toys with any supplies they can find! This summer, follow their lead. Get your family or friends together to transform recycled juice boxes into sailboats. Then head for water (with your favorite grown-ups) for a juicy boat race!

1. Adult help needed. After finishing your juice, remove the straw from your juice box and set it aside. Decorate the empty box with a layer of colorful duct tape or washi tape, making sure to cover the straw hole. You can use markers to write a name on your boat.

2. Cut a sail shape out of more duct tape or lightweight cardboard, and attach it to the straw.

3. Ask an adult to poke a tiny hole in the boat where you’d like the sail to go. Then push the straw sail into the hole so it stands up. Your boat is now seaworthy! 

Let Your
Set Sail!

There are so many recycled materials you could turn into a boat — like paper, plastic bottles or newsprint. How about a sail made from a leaf? Can you think of five more materials you could find and turn into a sailboat? 

Race Rules

1. Mark your starting and finish lines by setting objects (such as shoes or sticks) on the shore or poolside. Have all boat racers line up their boats. Choose an adult to be the judge at the finish line.

2. When the judge gives a signal, the race begins. BUT you can’t touch the boats to make them move! Instead, use your hands or feet to move the water in a way that pushes your boat forward. You could even try blowing on your sail. 

3. The judge watches closely to see whose boat crosses the finish line first. Ahoy!