You're taking

geography class in Haiti!

A young girl stands next to a map in her classroom in Haiti
What do you notice about the map on the wall?

This girl is studying a map to learn more about Earth. Maps are one important part of geography, which is basically the study of places. In geography class, students learn all about Earth’s surface and the layer of gas surrounding it, called the atmosphere. They also learn how people and places change one another.

If a sponsored child like this girl dreamed of becoming a geographer as an adult, she could work hard to get a job as a cartographer (mapmaker), landscape architect, teacher, recycling officer — the atmosphere’s the limit!

Geography Challenge

Complete this challenge to move on to your next location! Find a world map (you can use the Explorer World Map here). Find your sponsored child’s country on the map and finish these steps on your printed Challenge Sheet:

1. Draw a picture of the country in the box.

2. Write the name of the country below it. Spelling counts!

3. Draw a star where the capital city is. Write the name of the capital next to the star.

4. Color in the country if you’d like.


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