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All My Friends

Remember this picture from the Summer 2017 Compassion Explorer Magazine?

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How many friends do I have?

sophia, 8 Nashville Tennessee


AUDREY, 12 menlo park CA

Does anyone want to play hide and seek?

Layla, 10 Florida

Wait, mom, I need Bob and Joe and Sam and …

Jordan, 11 Grass Valley, Calif.

I have so many friends that if I took a trip to the United States, I couldn’t bring them all.

Thea, 7 Orrville, Ohio

My cheeks hurt! When can I stop smiling?

Audrey, 11 Menlo Park, Calif.

I now announce the zoo OPEN! (Sorry there are not any cages.)

Lilliana, 11 Chester, Ill.

I have so many friends, but so little room!

Liam, 9 Brownsburg, Ind.

Meet my friends! This is Fluffy and Stuffie and Mr. Snugglepants. And I cant forget you, Teddywumpits!

Elliana, 13 Shakopee, Minn.

Hey, guys! Look at all my toys!🦁🐼🐨🐯🐷🐮

Faith, 11 Gobles, Mich.

I have so many toys … I can’t even count them!

Landon, 10 Gobles, Mich.

Now the one I am holding is named Stuffo.

Lilliana, 10 Chester, Ill.

I have 39 friends!

Lydia, 9 Meadow Vista, Calif.

The cat said, “When can I scratch the toys?”

Elizabeth, 11 Siloam Springs, Ark.

Mom, can I sleep with all of these?

Eliana, 10 Burleson, Texas

Cat: “AAHH! Oh right, they are not real.”

June, 9 Snohomish, Wash.

OK, Mom, I’m ready for school! I just have to pack my toys!

Naela, 8 Laporte, Minn.


Naela, 8 Laporte, Minn.

I’ve got one, two, three … Mommy, what’s next?

Wyatt, 10 Idaho

Where’s my stuffed giraffe?!

Brielle, 8 Parker, Colo.

Lots of love.

Allie, 7 Evans, Ga.

Can I stop smiling now?

Allie, 9 Colorado Springs, CO

Hey, look at my toy collection.

Isaac, 14 Mount Holly, N.C.

I love my toys. Thank you for my toys.

Chelsea, 6 Lake Elsinore, Calif.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
my monkey’s sweet,
and so are you.

Anna, 9 Neshkoro, Wis.

How long do I have to hold this smile?!

Kiley, 6 Lubbock, Texas

“Ooh ooh aah aah,” says the monkey!

Genevieve, 11 San Diego, Calif.

Cat, stop stepping on my toys!

Noah, 8 Castle Pines, CO

I have as many stuffies as she does!

Helen, 7 Alberta, Canada

Well look at that! My second-biggest toy walks!

Abigail, 10 Alberta, Canada

Can someone make sure the cat doesn’t eat my toys?!

Adrielle, 9 Waldorf, Md.

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