All My Friends

Remember this picture from the Summer 2017 Compassion Explorer Magazine?

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There’s a bear, a monkey, a car, a panda… A cat?!

Nadia, 12 California, Los Angeles

Hello there

Kylie, 9 Kemptville

Look at all my friends! Wait…is that one moving??

Elyse, 12 Belle Plaine Iowa

you have so many !!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie, 11 korea

All packed mommy!

Micaiah, 10 Independence Kansas

Look at all of my stuffed animals! Wait, Is that a real animal! WOW!

Alayna, 13 Shakopee, MN

” Old Mc Donald had a farm, Eeei, Eeei, Oh! And on that farm he had a monkey. Eeei, Eeei, Oh! and on that farm he had a chicken. Eeei, Eeei, Oh! And on that farm he had a…….. BEAR?!?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!”

Cailee, 11 Columbia, MO

“These are all my friends! Bob, Cat, Chicken Nugget, Mr. Snuffles, Jerome, Pillow, Race car, and good ‘ol Flower Thingie!

Alia, 10 Columbia, MO

I have got so many pets that I can’t count them all!

Zachary, 10 Oakville, Ontario

‘Today at the fuzzy club meeting…’

Ethan, 10 Curlew, WA

look out! here comes the cat monster!

luke, 9 jersey city new jersey

mom I Have all my sleepover!!

Reagan, 7 Gilberts IL

Cat: “The big ones my favorite!”

Audey, 12 Remington, In

Great! Ive counted 15 only…. 1…2…3…….0.0 Momy! whats 360,000 times 2?

Audey, 12 Remington, In

Let’s play hide-and-seek! Which animal is real?

Clara, 6 Tacoma, Washington

click click! Hey you didn’t smile!
grrrrrrrrrr! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! Uh! Oh!
I ripped my friends.

Caleb, 8 Grass Valley, C.A.

How many friends do I have?

sophia, 8 Nashville Tennessee


AUDREY, 12 menlo park CA

Does anyone want to play hide and seek?

Layla, 10 Florida

Wait, mom, I need Bob and Joe and Sam and …

Jordan, 11 Grass Valley, Calif.

I have so many friends that if I took a trip to the United States, I couldn’t bring them all.

Thea, 7 Orrville, Ohio

My cheeks hurt! When can I stop smiling?

Audrey, 11 Menlo Park, Calif.

I now announce the zoo OPEN! (Sorry there are not any cages.)

Lilliana, 11 Chester, Ill.

I have so many friends, but so little room!

Liam, 9 Brownsburg, Ind.

Meet my friends! This is Fluffy and Stuffie and Mr. Snugglepants. And I cant forget you, Teddywumpits!

Elliana, 13 Shakopee, Minn.

Hey, guys! Look at all my toys!??????

Faith, 11 Gobles, Mich.

I have so many toys … I can’t even count them!

Landon, 10 Gobles, Mich.

Now the one I am holding is named Stuffo.

Lilliana, 10 Chester, Ill.

I have 39 friends!

Lydia, 9 Meadow Vista, Calif.

The cat said, “When can I scratch the toys?”

Elizabeth, 11 Siloam Springs, Ark.

Mom, can I sleep with all of these?

Eliana, 10 Burleson, Texas

Cat: “AAHH! Oh right, they are not real.”

June, 9 Snohomish, Wash.

OK, Mom, I’m ready for school! I just have to pack my toys!

Naela, 8 Laporte, Minn.


Naela, 8 Laporte, Minn.

I’ve got one, two, three … Mommy, what’s next?

Wyatt, 10 Idaho

Where’s my stuffed giraffe?!

Brielle, 8 Parker, Colo.

Lots of love.

Allie, 7 Evans, Ga.

Can I stop smiling now?

Allie, 9 Colorado Springs, CO

Hey, look at my toy collection.

Isaac, 14 Mount Holly, N.C.

I love my toys. Thank you for my toys.

Chelsea, 6 Lake Elsinore, Calif.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
my monkey’s sweet,
and so are you.

Anna, 9 Neshkoro, Wis.

How long do I have to hold this smile?!

Kiley, 6 Lubbock, Texas

“Ooh ooh aah aah,” says the monkey!

Genevieve, 11 San Diego, Calif.

Cat, stop stepping on my toys!

Noah, 8 Castle Pines, CO

I have as many stuffies as she does!

Helen, 7 Alberta, Canada

Well look at that! My second-biggest toy walks!

Abigail, 10 Alberta, Canada

Can someone make sure the cat doesn’t eat my toys?!

Adrielle, 9 Waldorf, Md.