This Thanksgiving craft is overflowing with reasons to be thankful!

First of all, what’s a cornucopia? From the outside, it just looks like a weird basket, doesn’t it? But it’s really a symbol of abundance. Which is another big word! Some kids might think it means "a lot of stuff." But really, it means we’ve all been gifted with more than we deserve. At Thanksgiving, we try to spend some extra time being thankful for all of the many ways God has blessed us and shown us his love. And this cornucopia is going to be overflowing with things that you’re grateful for! Let’s get started!


  • brown paper grocery bag
  • glue 
  • ribbon
  • printed template of fruit and vegetable pictures 
  • scissors
  • pencil and crayons
  • pipe cleaners in fall colors, like red, orange, yellow, green and brown


  1. Adult help needed. Cut off the bottom of the brown paper bag, forming a big rectangle (see photos below). Roll the rectangle into a cone shape to form your cornucopia. Secure it with glue and ribbon. Roll the end of the cornucopia around a pencil to give it a curve.
  2. Cut out the fruits and veggies on the printed template. (If you don’t have a printer, cut fruit and vegetable shapes out of colorful construction paper instead.)
  3. Write something you’re thankful for on each fruit and vegetable, then color it. You could let your family or Thanksgiving guests write on some of them.
  4. Roll each pipe cleaner around a pencil and slide it off. Loosen the ringlets if you’d like. Then glue each fruit onto one end of a pipe cleaner. 
  5. Fill the cornucopia with your fruits and vegetables and set it as the centerpiece on the dinner table! (Another idea for your Thanksgiving craft: Place one fruit or vegetable in the cornucopia every day leading up to Thanksgiving.)