Here’s a craft that can bring fun for the whole family for days to come. Make your own medals! Then you decide what to give them out for. Maybe your family can do a sports relay in the backyard and award medals to the winners … maybe you can do a family game night … maybe you can hand out medals for best cookies, best dress-up, best drawing or best snuggle. Your imagination is your only limitation. So get the family together and make some memories while making some medals.



• jar lid or a lid of a plastic container — such as Pringles or similar chips, yogurt, nuts — or even a paper circle cut from a paper plate

• acrylic paint in gold, silver and bronze (or yellow, gray and orange)

• paintbrush 

• hair dryer (to speed up drying process, optional)

• foam shapes (for stars)

• glitter glue 

• thick ribbon

• glue gun or strong craft glue

Printable: Medal Starters Download Print


(adult help needed)

1. Place your lids on a flat piece of cardboard or any flat surface you can easily clean, and, using the acrylic paints, paint your lids to your liking. It may take a couple of coats.

2. Let your painted medals dry. (Use a hair dryer to speed it up if you want.)

3. Use a small bit of glue to attach the foam shapes to the painted lids. You can then repeat steps one and two to paint the foam shapes if you choose, or continue on to the next step.

4. Spread a small amount of glitter glue over the medal to add some sparkle. Let dry.

5. Glue one end of the ribbon to the backside of the medal. Loop the ribbon so it looks like a necklace and glue the other ribbon end on top of the ribbon end you glued first.

6. Award your medals and have fun!