Brennen's Bots

Have you ever heard of a kid who builds robots AND helps children and families in need?! Well, we have! And we’d love to tell you about him.

Meet Brennen, 8. He’s in second grade. He has two sisters, loves to play soccer and is good at math. Plus, he’s a super creative and giving dude!

When Brennen was in kindergarten, he discovered something awesome at his great-great-grandfather’s house: a bunch of wood, screws, nails and washers. And with the help of his dad, Brennen used those materials to build special robots (shown in the picture).

Brennen learned he had a talent for building robots, so he started a business called Brennen’s Brilliant Bots! First he sold his robots to family members. But then his business grew and grew, so his dad built him a website to help him sell his robot creations.

All Brennen’s robots are unique — they come in different shapes, sizes and colors, and some even have birthmarks, freckles or glasses! They are all different, just like us! Brennen uses his website to sell custom robots and do-it-yourself kits (so other kids can create their very own robots). 

But it gets even better! Brennen is very generous. He decided to give 10% of the money he makes to buy chickens for families in need. He’s already bought two! And now he’s set his goal even higher: to buy a pig for a family in poverty! 

If Brennen could talk to the families in need who receive the animals, he’d say: “I hope this pig or chicken might give you eggs or bacon!”

And he’s totally right. Chickens give families a source of food — like eggs! Families can also sell eggs to make money to buy things like clothes, medicine or other types of food!

Brennen’s bots are truly brilliant. They’re creative AND they help people in need around the world!

Brennen's advice for kids who want to start a business and raise money for families in poverty:

"Just start as a small thing, and get bigger and bigger!"