Siblings Who Care

Compassion Explorers quench a family's thirst.

Nine-year-old Ian and his 5-year-old sister, Tava, spent their past year in home school studying different countries and cultures. The brother and sister, who live with their mom and dad in Colorado, learned that some people in the world don’t have clean water to drink. That made Ian and Tava sad.

In poor countries, clean water can be hard to find. Some families can’t afford homes with running water. So they collect water from ponds, lakes or rivers that are filled with germs. Other families have running water at home, but the liquid that comes out of the faucet is dirty and makes them sick if they drink it. Also, many kids live far away from a water source and spend lots of time and energy walking to get it.

After Ian and Tava learned about this, they were reading Compassion Explorer Magazine and found an article called “Help Change the World Right Where You Are.” They decided to sell bottles of water to customers at two neighborhood garage sales. They raised $97 and donated it to Compassion to help get clean water to people in need. The money was more than enough for a filter that gives clean water to a family for life!