Norah Creates

When 5-year-old Norah learned about children in poverty around the world, she wanted to do something to help. So Norah asked her mom if she could sponsor a child with Compassion. She was so excited when her mom said yes! Together, they chose to sponsor a young girl named Dermene in Togo.

A few months later, Norah slid a business plan across the table to her mother. This would be Norah’s first step in her fight against poverty. Norah outlined her idea to craft everything from scrunchies and earrings to bookmarks and keychains to raise money for Dermene. Her business name? Norah Creates. 

On most days, Norah, now 6, loves playing with her friends and sledding when it’s snowing outside her Michigan home. But when Norah sits down for home schooling, she isn’t just a first grader. She runs a small business. Her math lessons include adding and subtracting the cost of her creations. Writing and reading exercises are spent trading letters with Dermene. And her projects include sewing and creating products to sell — with 100% of her earnings going to pay for Dermene’s sponsorship. 

In 2021, a local coffee shop supported Norah by hosting her craft show. People lined up out the door to buy one of her amazing creations. All items were handcrafted by Norah and priced $1, $2 or $5 so she could do the math herself. At the end of the day, Norah counted what she had earned — a total of $700! This would more than cover a year of sponsorship for Dermene and double what she had earned the previous year. 


Norah’s eyes sparkle as she thinks about the difference she is making in Dermene’s life. “You don’t have to be an adult to make a difference,” she says. When asked about Dermene, Norah says, “Her favorite food is rice — just like me!” Norah can also relate to the way Dermene helps her family. Dermene gathers firewood and water each day. Norah helps by keeping an eye on her younger siblings. 

Norah’s brother is excited to sponsor a child when he turns 5 and is thinking through his own business plan. Norah has also inspired two friends to make bracelets to support sponsored children. “We should help others because it’s how we would want to be treated,” Norah shares. And with that, she giggles and shrugs. Talking about her business is fun, but her favorite thing to do is get creative. Because Norah creates.

"You don't have to be an adult to make a difference."

— Norah