Sometimes, when you’re a kid, you just can’t wait to be bigger. When you’re 6, you wish you were 10. When you’re 10, you wish you were 16, and when you’re 16, you can’t wait to be 21. 

That’s part of growing up. As someone who’s been through wishing to be older myself, I remember that it’s because with every milestone you get a little more freedom and more power to make your own decisions. You feel more confident that you can make a difference. And while all of that is true, don’t discount the difference you can make even now.

Look at the life of Samuel in the Bible, for example.

Samuel was just a young boy at 11 years old when he came to work in the temple under the high priest and judge, Eli. One night, as he was sleeping, God called out to Samuel. At that time, the Lord hadn’t spoken for many years, so Samuel thought it was Eli calling him. This happened three times before Eli knew it was God who was calling Samuel. He told Samuel that when he heard the voice again, he should say, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”


When Samuel followed Eli's advice, God told him things that were going to happen.

God chose to speak to Samuel and honor him as a prophet in the land, even at his young age. When Samuel grew up, he was a wise counselor and even helped the Israelites know God’s will for who should be their king, first with Saul and then with David.

Now, God may not clearly speak to you like he spoke to Samuel, but you can hear him in your heart. You can know his will for you by learning his word in your Bible. And you can be confident that if he asks you to make a difference, no matter how old you are, he has made you capable of doing it.

Plus, don’t forget to enjoy being a kid! It’s something you’ll wish you could do all over again when you get to be an adult like me.

God bless you now, and always!

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1 Samuel 3:1-21

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  • Make a list of your skills, talents and interests. How could you use them to help people in need right now? 
  • Talk with your family about growing up. Do you wish you were a different age? Did your parents try to grow up too fast?
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  • Thank God for all the great things about your childhood. 
  • Ask God to speak to you in your heart. What does he want you to listen for?
  • Ask God for ideas for ways you can serve him by serving others.