Have you ever broken a bone? Using crutches or a wheelchair can be quite uncomfortable (and probably even hurt a little)! And what happens when you need help doing the little things that used to be easy without your cast or crutches? Right?! You need people around you to help you.

In 2 Samuel, we learn about a man named Mephibosheth [meh-FEE-boe-sheth]. (Say that five times fast!) Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan and the grandson of King Saul. When he was only 5 years old, he was dropped, and something terrible happened: He was no longer able to walk. He needed people to help him!

God provided the help that Mephibosheth needed. Once King David found out what happened to Mephibosheth, he wasted no time in bringing Mephibosheth into his care. Mephibosheth lived in King David’s own house so that he could eat with him for the rest of his life. King David helped Mephibosheth!

Did you know that God wants you to help people too? Even though you’re still young, God gives YOU opportunities to help those around you. You can bake food for the kids down the street whose dad just died. Or maybe there’s a classmate who sits by himself at lunch every day. You can ask him to join you and your friends and then ask him to play with you at recess. You could even use your allowance to help sponsor a child through Compassion!

God is always with us to help us, and he wants us to look around and find other people to help too. So let’s be like King David and look for ways to love those around us just like he did.

Guest devotional by Laura Broussard, child sponsor and children’s pastor at East Lake Community Church in South Carolina.

Read Mephibosheth’s story in 2 Samuel 9.

As you read what King David did for Mephibosheth, ask God to help you see the people in your life who you can help.

Talk to a parent or trusted adult about how to help the people around you. What kinds of things can you do? Donate to a local food bank? Help someone in your neighborhood?

“God, give me your eyes to see the people I need to help just like King David did. And help me to have the courage to reach out and help someone and love just like Jesus does!”