Let Love Bloom

Kids all around the world like to give flowers to their moms (or people who are like moms)! Kids who live in poverty don't always have money to buy things like flowers from a shop. So they might pick flowers for their moms — or get creative and turn recycled materials into crafty flowers! 

For this fun Mother’s Day craft, you will turn a recycled egg carton into the national flower of your sponsored child’s country! (See all the national flowers below or download a poster for reference.) Spend time making this craft with a special mom in your life. Or surprise her with the finished product after making it with another family member’s help. 



  • empty egg carton
  • scissors
  • acrylic or watercolor paints
  • paintbrush
  • decorations for the centers of the flowers, such as pom-poms, buttons and pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • craft supplies for stems (paper, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, etc.)


  1. Adult help needed. Look at the national flower of your sponsored child’s country. Notice the details of the flower. Are the petals pointy or round? Are there many layers of petals or only one row? Look at the examples of egg-carton flowers pictured above. Use the one that looks most like your sponsored child’s country flower as your guide.
  2. Cut the egg carton into pieces. Then trim the edges of each piece to look like petals. Repeat to make as many flower heads as you would like. If you want to create petal layers, cut some pieces to be smaller than others.
  3. Paint your flower pieces in whatever color you’d like and let dry.
  4. To layer petals on a flower, glue the smaller pieces onto the larger pieces. 
  5. Glue on decorations as the flower centers.
  6. Make stems from construction paper, pipe cleaners, craft sticks or other materials.
  7. Tell a special mom how much you love her!
Printable: National Flowers Download Print