Growing Clean Water

The plants we need for food need water to grow. So where there is a shortage of water, there will be a shortage of food, cleanliness and other important things.  

For many children in developing countries, their families can’t afford homes with running water. So they collect water from ponds, lakes or rivers that is filled with germs and makes them sick if they drink it. Also, many kids live far away from a water source and spend lots of time and energy walking to get there.

When 11-year-old Isaac learned about this during a Compassion activity at his church called Step Into My Shoes, he was determined to do something about the water problem.

“Here, all we need is to turn on the tap and drink, but for many children across the world, they have to boil their water and that must be a pain,” he shares.

Isaac had the brilliant idea to grow and sell plants to raise money. Here are some of the plants he grew to sell:

• basil
• roma tomatoes
• cherry tomatoes
• sunflowers

With the help of his mom, Stacey, Isaac was selling his plants daily. He was so excited that he video-journaled his journey to inspire other children to make a difference too.

Isaac successfully raised over $1,000 for Compassion to buy 13 water filters for families in need! He wants other children to know, “You can make a difference no matter what your age is.”

Isaac is grateful that he got an opportunity to make a change too.

“You can make a difference no matter what your age is.” – Isaac