By shopping our catalog, your family can send life-changing gifts to children living in poverty. Here are just a few examples of these gifts that help others:

Livestock: Animals like goats, chickens, pigs and cows help families make money because they make baby animals that can be sold. Animals can also provide milk, eggs, garden fertilizer and meat.

Water Filters: Many families living in poverty don't have safe water. The water they drink might have dangerous germs in it. Filters clean the water so they won't get sick!

Safe Playground: Some kids in poverty don't have a safe place to play. In some towns, there are no playgrounds or parks.


There are lots of other amazing gifts your family could send to people living in poverty by shopping our charitable gift catalog.



Read about kids like you who have helped people in need by sending life-changing gifts from the Compassion Gift Catalog!

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