World Tour

Tour the world from your living room! Plan a whole day dedicated to learning about one country. If your family sponsors, find your child’s country on our interactive World Map. If not, just pick one of the 25 countries where sponsored children live. For this lesson plan, we chose El Salvador as an example.

  1. Visit the World Map to choose a country. Which region is the country in — Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Africa or Asia?
  2. Check out your chosen country’s page and learn some fun facts about it.
  3. Download and print your country’s flag coloring page.
  4. These photo stories explore what life is like for sponsored children around the world. Find one that’s about a child in your chosen country or region, like this story about Gabriela in El Salvador.
  5. Do a fun activity featuring the country or region, like this spot-the-difference puzzler.
  6. Plan a family meal by making a recipe from the country or region, like these bean and cheese pupusas!