Does your family put up a Nativity scene at Christmastime? Who’s in it? There’s probably Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. Maybe a few shepherds. But there is one other thing that most of us have in our Nativity sets: the wise men. 

I have a secret for you, though. The wise men didn’t come until AFTER Christmas. They didn’t show up on Christmas morning, but came later. It took them awhile to get to Jesus because they had to travel a long way. 

So why is that important to you? Because it’s a good reminder that Christmas doesn’t end on Dec. 25. Just like the wise men came to worship Jesus after Christmas, we get to do the same thing. We get to keep Christmas in our hearts and in our lives for days and weeks and even months after we’ve unwrapped the presents and taken down the Christmas tree!

Sometimes, we get sad after Christmas, don’t we? For so long, we had Christmas morning to look forward to. And then it’s over so fast! But this year, when you’re helping put away the Christmas decorations, think about the wise men. They were just starting their celebration of the Messiah, Jesus, as they set out to find and worship Him.

And just like them, you can keep the celebration going! Because remember, at Christmastime we are celebrating that Jesus was born — that His ministry on Earth was just getting started! 

So doesn’t that mean Christmas Day should be when we just start getting excited? What ways can you keep worshipping Jesus after Christmas Day this year?

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Matthew 2:2-12

Some Bible translations call the wise men “Magi.” It’s just a different word for the people who studied stars. They followed a star to find Jesus and give Him gifts!

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One way you can keep the Christmas celebration going is by writing thank-you notes for gifts you received. Saying thank you is such a great way to show others the love of Jesus and our gratitude that He came to Earth!

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Ask God to give you open eyes and a happy heart as you keep looking for ways to celebrate Jesus even after Christmas is done!