The Bible is filled with stories of great leaders. 

Noah showed leadership by building an ark after God told him there would be a flood that would wipe out all life on earth. Noah saved God’s creation by leading his family and two of every creature on earth to safety on the ark (Genesis 6-9).

Moses’ sister Miriam was also a great leader and a prophet, a person who speaks for God. First, she helped save her baby brother’s life by convincing Pharaoh’s daughter to let Moses stay with his mother to be nursed (Exodus 1:22-2:4). Later, Miriam helped her brothers lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt toward the promised land in Canaan, playing songs of worship on her tambourine and leading other women in dances of praise. 

And who can forget about the amazing leaders Joshua, who led the Israelites in the battle of Jericho, and David, who stood up to the giant Goliath? 

But here’s the thing: These leaders in the Bible still made mistakes. That’s because everyone is a sinner. They became better leaders by admitting their mistakes and learning from them. 

The only leader in the Bible who didn’t make mistakes was Jesus. He was God’s Son and did not sin. Jesus was a wise, loving leader who spoke the truth about God even though it ended up killing him. While he was on earth, Jesus led 12 disciples, or followers, who learned from him. He inspired many other people who followed what he preached. Not everyone liked what he was saying. Jesus was such a brave leader that he didn’t stop sharing the truth about God and heaven even when religious leaders and the Roman government said they would kill him. He never stopped being a leader, even after being killed on the cross. 

The good news is, Jesus didn’t stay dead! After his resurrection, he sent out his disciples to tell the world about him and what had happened. And he is still with us today, helping us to lead others with love and kindness.

Matthew 14:15-21
Notice how Jesus showed leadership when the crowds were hungry.

You can be a brave, kind leader by helping find sponsors for kids in poverty. Ask an adult to visit the Compassion Sunday website to learn how. 


  • Ask God to show you ways to be a leader at school or church. 
  • Pray for Jesus to give you courage to speak up if you see something wrong happening.