Hello! My name is Raymond, and my mama and I are happy to have you at our home. We live in Uganda in a house made of concrete bricks. You can see that it has a few cracks in it, but I am proud that we have a house that is strong and keeps us safe. 

Isn’t the curtain on our door beautiful? We don’t need a heavy wooden door here because it is nice and warm all year long. 

I want to be a doctor when I grow up so I can buy my mother a piece of land and build her a new house. I also want to buy her a cow so that we can get all the milk we want. I want to do nice things for her because she loves and cares for me.


¡Hola! I am Maira, and I live with my family in Colombia! My favorite things to eat are the fruits and vegetables we grow in the garden behind our home! We grow so many things, like tomatoes, bananas and cucumbers. Some we sell in the market, and some my mom cooks for us. My favorite vegetables are green beans. I thank God for having food at home. 

Before we had our garden, sometimes we didn’t have much food at home. But then Compassion helped us by giving us some seeds, and they taught us how to take care of our garden. Now we have fresh fruits and vegetables all the time!

Try this recipe for ajiaco, a Colombian chicken stew that uses lots of fresh vegetables!


I am Dipika, and you got here in time to watch us use our new well at our home in Bangladesh! Before we got this well, we had to wake up so early and get in line to get water from a public pump in our neighborhood.

Now I get to sleep in because the well is just a few steps away! We have fresh, clean water anytime we need it, and my family is so thankful for that!


Hello! My name is Catherine, and this is my very favorite dress! My mother made it out of a material called kitenge. Lots of tribes in Tanzania wear clothes that look like this — but only on very special occasions!

My mom makes dresses and shirts like this for a lot of people in our neighborhood! She uses the money she earns to make sure I have food to eat and money for school supplies. So not only is this dress beautiful, but it also helps take care of my family!


Welcome to our new bedroom! Our names are Gabriel and Daniel, and we live with our family in Brazil. Does it rain a lot where you live? It does here, and every time it would rain, our bed would get so wet! Yuck! Nobody likes to sleep in a wet bed. But the last time it flooded, Compassion helped us fix up some leaky places in our house and even got us this new mattress!

We love our new bed and our new sheets and blankets. And we LOVE sleeping in a bed that is nice and clean and NOT wet!