Hop On!

These boys in Burkina Faso show off their balancing and sharing skills! In Burkina Faso, many families can’t afford bicycles. So kids who have them share with their friends.

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Okay, one more… "Ashley, 12 Cheapeake, VA

Can I be in the front please? I am getting squished.

Hannah, 9 Los Angeles, CA


Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

5 guys on a bicycle. Oh wait, now there’s 11.

Braden, 13 Choctaw, OK

Jerry goes on the bottom, Bob goes in the basket…

Ethan, 10 WA

Can i hop on??
i think it well be fun!!

Connie, 11 korea

camera person: Say cheese!
boy at front: * sigh* Heeere we go…

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, Il

Oof I am crushed why do I have to be in the middle

Jaeyla, 10 Shakopee, mn

Oops we forgot our bicycles,oh wait let’s hop on this one

Jonathan, 9 Cheyenne Weoming

5 on the bike and the owner said “GET OF MY BIKE DUDES” so they all got of

Vivian, 11 morden mb

“The rocket ship broke, but we can still be the Little Einsteins!”

Audey, 12 Remington, In

Um, why is this bike not going?

Aidan, 6 Oakton, VA

boy 1: “yeahhhh…..I DONT think i can ride this.”
boy 2: “Yes you can! Mostly because i’m right behind you! Phew!”
Boy 3: “Stop pulling on me, guys!”
Boy 4: “I need to stay on, Jimmy!”
Boy 5: “Um….Guys….I think i’m gonna fall off. At least it will be like a slide!”

Catherine, 10 Buford, GA

Wow! a bicycle that can fit 5!

Zoey, 10 Kimberley B.C.

5-4-3-2-1 GO!!!!!

Eden, 10 Kimberley B.C

I like this photo.

Ada, 8 virginia

What, why are we going 1 mile per hour?

Ceri, 11 Fort Collins Colorado

Let’s go faster!

Milena, 14 Fort Collins Colorado

Kids:Super-load racers!On your mark …
Dad:get back here with my bike!

Theodore, 8 Marshalltown, Iowa

We can fit 1 more!

Madeline, 9 Iron mn


Alethea, 8 Orrville, OH

kid 1 : Sorry Jimmy I guess you’ll have to walk~
kid 2: he could go in the basket!
kid 1: ok… hop on Jimmy!
5 minutes later…..

Allison, 10 gilbert , arizona

All right! Five down, all of Burkina Faso to go!

Lincoln, 11 Calgary, Alberta

Kid #1: “Can I get on?”
Kid #2: “UHHHH …”

Nate, 10 Grass Valley, Calif.

How many more stops do we have?

Katelyn, 13 Knoxville, Tenn.

Who needs tandem bikes anymore? This one is perfectly fine.

Malia , 11 Medina, Tenn.

Let’s see how many people it takes to tip this bike.

Quinten and Thea, 9 and 7 Orrville, Ohio

“I’m squished.”
“Well, I’m about to fall off!”

Eliza, 8 Timonium, Md.

We’re on our way to school! Anybody else need a ride? We have room! Whoa! slow down! I almost fell off!

Emery, 10 Yorkville, Ill.

Catch you later!

Eliana, 7 Medina, Ohio

Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, everyone hang on, it’s biking time!

Daniel, 12 Shasta Lake, Calif.

Let’s see … another one in the basket, one on top of all of our shoulders, and a last one between us. Yes, we could fit seven more!

Mirabel, 10 Roseville, Minn.

We should go to the Olympics! Is there an event for crowded biking?

Elliana, 13 Shakopee, Minn.

Help me, I’m falling off! I call dibs on the basket.

Jaeyla, 9 Shakopee, Minn.

Watch out!

Maddison, 4 Pflugerville, Texas

“I wanna ride this bike.”

“No, I want to!”

“OK, we all can!”

Adah, 11 Galena, Ill.

Hang on, everybody! ????

Faith, 11 Gobles, Mich.

Nobody fall off; I just got my momentum going!

Ellie, 9 Greenville, Mich.

Let’s ride!

Rory, 5 Greenville, Mich.

Hold on and I will show you my skills.

Kennedy, 9 Clarksville, Tenn.

One … two … three … are we going to make it? Let’s try one or two more. Four … five … no more room!

Hannah, 10 Matthews, N.C.

Jesus always welcomes, so I can too! ?

Kelsey, 11 Knoxville, Tenn.

Are you OK back there on the wheel?

Elliot, 7 Erie, Colo.

Don’t let me fall off … don’t let me fall off … PLEASE don’t let me fall off!

Isaac, 9 Erie, Colo.

Hang on!

Jonah, 12 Denton, Texas

How many seats are there?

Henry, 7 St. Louis, Mo.

Adios, amigos!

Rehmi , 8 Ensenada, Mexico

Hang on everybody, we’re going downhill. Oh, it’s tipping. Smash! ouch!

Landon, 10 Michigan

Taxi! Anybody, a taxi!

Lilliana, 11 Chester, Ill.

Anyone need a ride? There’s room for one more!

Ann, 12 Rapid City, S.D.

C’mon, guys, we can fit one more on.

JoJo, 10 Burlington, Ontario

I am going to FALL OFF!

Abby, 9 Callera, Ore.

Hop on, and we will make the Guinness World Record!

Catherine, 11 Azusa, Calif.

Hop on! There’s still room. The more the merrier.

Christopher, 9 Azusa, Calif.

It is too squished on this bike!

Elle, 7 Wayne, Penn.

What a ride!

Abigail, 9 Whitehall, N.Y.

3, 2, 1, BIKE!

Charlie, 5 Big Sky, Mont.

Anybody else want a ride? We could fit a few more, but somebody will have to sit in the basket.

MaryJane, 11 Sacramento, Calif.

Do you think we can be a circus act if we can fit a few more on?

Verona, 10 Colorado Springs, Colo.

Hold on tight! Here we GO!

Leilana, 12 Colorado Springs, Colo.

Why are people looking at us?

Ellie, 10 Clearwater, Fla.

Look at our cool bike! Oh no, oh no, it’s tipping. CRASH! OUCH!

Jack, 9 Menlo Park, Calif.

Move over, I need to let my 10 other friends on (I think we can fit).

Mary, 12 Irvine, Calif.

I will fall off soon …

Christopher, 9 Redlands, Calif.

Don’t worry about me, guys. I’m just getting tire burn! Ouchie!

Eva, 11 Big Sky, Mont.

Boy strength!

Oliver, 6 Big Sky, Mont.

I think there’s room for one more.

Mary, 12 Cleburne, Texas

Five boys on a two-wheeler.

Lilliana, 10 Chester, Ill.

OK, guys, rock-paper-scissors. Someone is going to have to ride in the basket!

Abigail, 13 Barre, Vt.

I am squished. Ouch. … This is fun!

Audrey, 11 Menlo Park, Calif.

The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bike go round and round, all around the village.

Drew, 7 Menlo Park, Calif.

Is everyone on? Then, LETS GO!

Allyson, 12 New Windsor, N.Y.

Let’s go on a vacation!

Lia, 7 Perrysburg, Ohio

Five boys on a bike ride around ride around (sung to the tune of “Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”).

Molly, 11 Florida

Five on one bike!

Ella, 11 Meadow Vista, Calif.