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Central America and the Caribbean

Compassion sponsors help churches in Central America and the Caribbean make life better for poor children who live there.

One big problem in this region is education. Many poor students drop out after elementary school. Some drop out to work jobs. Others quit because they don’t have hope that school will make their lives better.

Violence is another big problem in this region. Gangs of criminals make many kids feel afraid and hopeless.

Thankfully, kids in Central America and the Caribbean who wouldn't go to school without Compassion's help get to go to school and graduate. Kids who live in dangerous neighborhoods are protected at their Compassion centers, which are safe places to play. They learn about God's plans for their lives, which gives them hope for a better future.

Countries in Central America and the Caribbean

Reverend Mireku, leader of GH 312 - Shiloh Child Development Center, with 296 children, created a way for families to secure and generate an income by raising and selling rabbits in their community. He educates each child and family the basics of rearing rabbits for sale and food. This money is to help secure future and high education for the children. Through the center he teaches the importance of higher education and how to develop the business of selling rabbits. Reverend Mirekyu has also purchased through the center a plot of land in which his goals are to raise livestock and farm to benefit the center and the children.  A child, boy, youth, wearing a blue shirt, smiles as he holds his hand and gives a plant leaf, green food, feeding, taking care of, rearing, raising, rabbits, bunny, farm animal, brown and white bunny in a wooden cage, box, outside, outdoor bunny cage.  The cage is open and there is a lock on the side door.

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